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About Us

ALUMETAL CONTRACT and ALUMETAL INTERNATIONAL SA are the two divisions of Alumetal Ag, acting in the building envelope technologies and building materials supplies.

Alumetal Contract Division since 25 years study and supply glazed curtain walls, façade wall cladding, automatic entrance doors, windows and partitioning; Alumetal International SA is the new division specialized in building material supplies, including suspended ceiling, raised-flooring systems, solar control systems, security doors and building security systems.

In the course of the years Alumetal has selected, and continue to select, his qualified partners to produce and supply top quality materials to meet the highest expectations of architects and clients in terms of quality, standards, efficiency and design.

As a contract company, Alumetal could joint the several products composing the building envelope and finishing, in one sole supplier and reference, facilitating the client’s choice since the beginning, during the preliminary study of the project, till the final solutions, supplies and assistance for the installation.

Several components have to be considered in the building envelope technologies, as natural forces will affect the building and his secondary structures in its location; the sun action with the need of shadow and energy production; the insulation out-inside to grant a/c or heating performances; the solar-light inside the offices-flats to favourite the quality of the work-life-in; the design to grant views outside with comfortable finishing inside; the decors to have a special touch.

With logistic and site experience Alumetal Contract has developed his packaging system, his know how for trucks and containers loading and his net-work of shipping agents, to grant sharp and safe deliveries specially to overseas markets.